A Fatherly Response

Jun 20, 2021    Pastor Poncho

Join us at Dreamer's Church for an inspiring sermon titled "A Fatherly Response." Delve into the profound teachings of how God responds to us as a loving Father, guiding us through life's challenges. Our preaching, worship, and community foster a deeper connection to God's word and each other. Discover a warm and inclusive space for spiritual growth and find purpose in our Christian Church in Austin. Experience the transformative power of understanding God's fatherly love and how it shapes our responses to others. Come and be part of a vibrant community of believers seeking to live out God's Word in their daily lives.

Pastor Poncho continues in this powerful new series Live.Love. It will encourage us to put feet to our faith and engage with the culture around us with a Kingdom perspective. We'll also take communion together. Come ready to receive all that God has for you!




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