Live Love Austin

Jun 6, 2021    Pastor Poncho

Experience the transformative power of love at "Live Love Austin" sermon in Dreamer's Church. Join our vibrant community as we dive into the teachings of the Bible, worship together, and grow in faith. Discover a welcoming church that embraces the Austin community, fostering connections and fostering a deeper relationship with God. Find inspiration in our preaching and engage in meaningful worship that leaves a lasting impact on your life. Connect with like-minded individuals in a warm and inviting atmosphere, and experience the true essence of Christian Churches in Austin. Come and be a part of our journey to live and spread love in the heart of Austin.

Pastor Poncho is kicking off a new series Live Love. It will encourage us to put feet to our faith and engage with the culture around us with a Kingdom perspective.

This new service schedule allowed so many of you to hang out and talk after service and gave the perfect opportunity to grab lunch together. We look forward to many more Sundays like that!



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