School of Leadership Development [SOLD] is a ministry of Dreamer’s Church, and in partnership with Portland Bible College.  We are committed to raising up, equipping and empowering dreamers to go after their God-given destiny.

School of Leadership Development [or as we call it SOLD] has a 1 year and 2 year option based on your goals, but due to COVID19, we have a special Spring "Ministry Preparation Certification" program this year! We're offering this unique one semester intensive program for those that want to develop their Scriptural knowledge, while serving the church and growing in their ministry experience.

This unique 2021 intensive SOLD program will be a great opportunity for college students, young adults and even married couples looking to develop a foundation that will prepare them for ministry in the future.

We have 4 primary serving collectives; Worship, Creative, Youth Ministry, and Kids Ministry. Each collective will give you the practical experience needed beyond the Bible College class room training to develop your gifting.

Note: We also have an Evening Class Option on Wednesday for those that want to just take additional classes to further their Bible education and leadership capacity. Please email for more details on our evening class option.

 School of Leadership Development 

School of Leadership Development  Q&A

Empowering people to pursue God one step at a time!
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We want you to DREAM! Dream with God, dream with others, dream again. We have a passion to help you discover and develop your God-given gifts and therefore become a person of influence in every sphere of your life. SOLD will equip you with vital spiritual and practical tools for life and ministry through teaching and preaching from the Dreamer’s Church staff, Portland Bible College professors, and other guest speakers. We are committed to seeing you grow in your relationship with God.


School of Leadership Development is the training ground for raising up dreamer's, as well as developing character in all areas of your life. As an intern you will be involved in all things Dreamer's Church Sunday, along with attending Bible College Classes on Tuesday and Thursday. Your time will be split between Bible College classes, ministry practicum and serving opportunities.

You will grow! The faculty and staff are driven by their passion to serve the local church and to see our students equipped to pursue the calling of God on their lives through building a strong foundation in prayer, worship and theology.


YES :)


The School of Leadership Development at Dreamer's Church next semester starts Feb 4th of 2021. Our 1 semester program will be completed on May 30th, 2021.


SOLD is in partnership with Portland Bible College. Each semester interns will take 8 Bible College credits along with serving in the School of Leadership Development. All class credits are transferable through the PBC online or resident associates and bachelor's degree programs.


The SOLD Spring 2021 program is a one semester "Ministry Prep Certificate" intensive program. Total program cost is $2000 + housing. Food and housing is not include in SOLD program.


Students are responsible to find and pay for their living arrangements. We do have some dorm options available upon request, along with recommended housing providers. The final choice is up to you where you will live.


As part of the SOLD program you will be able to work part-time. Sundays are a required day off from work. It is important to note the 4 hours of personal homework/study time will be required beyond the scheduled classes to pass Bible College level classes.


The next steps are filling out the SOLD inquiry form, scheduling your personal interview and moving SOLD to the top of your prayer list. During your personal interview you will be able to ask detailed questions about your personal situation and goals. If you are ready to apply now, you can skip step one and fill out the full SOLD application.

The next steps are filling out the SOLD inquiry form, scheduling your personal interview, and submitting the full application. During your personal interview you will be able to ask detailed questions about your personal situation and goals. If you are ready to apply now, you can fill out the full SOLD application to speed up the interview process.

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