The Paradox of God's Presence Part 2

May 1, 2022    Pastor Poncho Lowder

Delve deeper into 'The Paradox of God's Presence Part 2' at Dreamer's Church in Austin! Join our thought-provoking sermon, uplifting worship, and biblical teachings that unravel the mystery of God's simultaneous closeness and transcendence. Engage with our close-knit community, deepen your understanding of the Bible. Experience transformative worship and find purpose in embracing the complexity of God's presence. Be part of a welcoming Church family, where faith, community, and worship converge to help you encounter the profound nature of God's nearness and majesty.

Have you ever wanted to know how to develop a better relationship with the Creator God of our world? How do we relate to an infinite being in a personal way? In a world filled with brokenness, sin, and separation from God, how do we pursue and find God in our busy life?